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Awarded with the medal of honor by the National Academy of Fine Arts Academy in Brazil, ATIM has been featured in over 32 international TV shows including Italy, USA, Canada, Venezuela and Spain.

ArtTour International is an iconic arts and visual culture brand encompassing the award winning magazine ArtTour International Magazine, the ATIMTV.com web T.V. channel, premium book and e-book lines, the state of the arts publication ATIM’s Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Arts Annual Catalog, one of the most well-respected publications in the industry and the highly recognized ATIM Masters Awards.

Founded in 2011, ArtTour International seeks to build a dialogue about contemporary art and serve as an international platform for today’s emerging and professional visual and performing artists.

ArtTour International Magazine

ArtTour International is an award-winning publication dedicated to exposing visual and performing artists to the eyes of art lovers worldwide. It is the go-to international platform for today’s professional and emerging artists. Recognized for the excellent quality of its print publication, ArtTour International Magazine showcases articles of outstanding interest on personalities, trends, and events shaping the art world.

With a readership of over 2.1 million readers in over 192 countries, ArtTour International Magazine is the fastest-growing art magazine in the international market, published four times a year in print, digital, and video formats. It is this multi-media presentation of articles that has—in the space of just six years—made ArtTour International an industry leader, with articles on Livestream and YouTube, as well as our own web TV channel, ATIMTV.COM.

The ArtTour International printed publication is distributed through Barnes & Noble Bookstores, McNally Robinson Bookstores in the USA, and over 1,200 independent bookstores and news-stands worldwide. The full digital version is also available in the app store on iTunes, Kindle, and Magzter. Our digital issues are linked to ATIMTV.COM; there, besides reading great articles about your favorite artists and art events, you can also watch exclusive video interviews and behind-the-scene shots! Our innovative video-production technology will keep you hooked.

Keeping the magazine focused on presenting art news in a human-interest-story format has contributed significantly to its rapid early success. The magazine covers, analyzes, comments on, and defines art news, culture, and influential personalities in the art industry. Beautiful and sophisticated, ArtTour International distinguishes itself through its bold coverage of everything from publication design to interactive work, motion graphics, corporate branding, exhibitions, and illustration—all in a socially conscious design.

In 2014, the publication was awarded the Medal of Honor by the National Academy of Fine Arts in Brazil—the industry’s highest honor there–for its outstanding contribution to promoting the arts globally through editorial excellence and wide circulation.


ArtTour International introduces ATIM Web T.V., an innovative new concept in the visual arts. The channel reaches a worldwide audience via YouTube, web channels and satellite TV. ATIM Web T.V.’s easy to use, interactive live-event publishing platform provides truly global exposure for artists, galleries, film makers and creative individuals who wish to make use of our virtual gallery. A wide range of art organizations, as well as thousands of readers each month, have access to the virtual gallery as well as news of openings and breaking stories in the art world.

ATIM’S TOP 60 Masters of Contemporary Art

At the end of each year ArtTour International famously selects 60 professional artists and showcases them in a special yearly issue, the ATIM TOP 60 Masters of Contemporary Art. This series of double spread and full-page features includes world renown master artists whose work has made impact in the art world. The publication is accompany by a state of the art video production featuring the participating artists.

ATIM Masters Awards

The ATIM Masters Awards is an art awards ceremony, recognizing the people and the work of master artists and emerging talent in the international artistic scene. The ceremony has been held annually since 2013. The ATIM Masters Awards ceremony is broadcast on ATIMTV.com and international TV partner stations and, it is shown globally.

The Team

As the art world evolves ATIM will continue to evolve to bring its readers the best art news writing from the most prominent authors, legends and personalities in the field today. ATIM’s contributing editors and regular writers include top art and design thinkers and a wonderful creative team of leaders in the art industry.

The ArtTour International Team consists of Viviana Puello, the founder and editor-in-chief, Alan Grimandi, co-founder and Executive Director, as well as the Editorial, Web Development and Product Management teams.

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