ArtTour International Magazine Spring 2019

Top 20 Artists To Watch


Jani Jan J.

Jani Jan J. investigates the meanders of the human mind and projects the secrets. His visual representation are the extreme synthesis of the genius of his thought. A thought that takes charge of the illness and the moods of our society. An extremely complex thought which is manifested by a great signic sythesis. His is a conceptual art. That art that ataggers the mind and synthesizes into sign. Jani Jan J. is rightly, one of the greatest interpreters of visual conceptualism. The most major stages of the art world are hosting his works. Works that attract the bystander and lead him in those secret passages in which the intellect dialogs with his creative genius. Sculptures whose rhythm is given by the genius of the artist. Sculptures by dancing lines, those here revived by the master. Sculptures that do not belong to any known geometry. Sculptures that float in space.

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