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Gianfranco “John” Gambardella

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Italian artist John Gambardella worked for the Australian Federal Services for forty-four years before retiring and focusing on his greatest passion, visual art. A predominantly self-taught artist, Gambardella has dabbled with various techniques and mediums, adapting to and developing new styles on his journey. He has developed his unique fusion of realism and fantasy, incorporating mythological figures into his works which depict his works which reflect his day-to-day fine art practice.

What are you currently focusing on?

“I am an exhibiting member of the Contemporary Art Society of Victoria. I am also a Vice President (Victorian Chapter) and exhibiting member of The Australian Society of Marine Artists. Presently, I am focusing on completing and entering two artworks for the prestigious Maritime Art Awards held in Melbourne, Australia during October. I have been privileged to be selected for this award for 12 consecutive years.”

Have you experienced any significant changes in your work this last year?

“I am a realist by nature, so my art has been directed that way. Since returning as a full-time artist in 2005, I have covered many themes and continue to develop techniques to inspire my creativity. Most recently, I have resurrected what I have titled “looking through the kaleidoscope” depicting abstract with realism.”

Where are you from, and how has that influenced your art?

“I was born in Trieste, Italy, and migrated to Australia in 1954.

My father, who himself dabbled in painting and sculpture, always said that he often found me pencil sketching preschool days, which I recall receiving great encouragement from my father. It was not until my school days that it was evident that art was becoming of great interest to me and was my favorite subject. However, life leads you indifferent

ways, and into my mid-twenties, I followed a professional career in accounting while art was placed on the back-burner.

Art has always been part of my soul, and over the years, I have continued to keep interested and self-development in

fine art. It was not until 2005, that I renewed my interest in painting on a full time and professional basis – thus becoming a permanent part of my life. Since returning to art, I have been privileged to exhibit at various notable art awards and exhibitions, both nationally and internationally. “

“My art is my escape, my passion, my reward in life.”-Gianfranco “John” Gambardella

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