Arttour International Magazine Spring 2018

Best Of International Arts


Karin Monschauer

“Mini Diapositive” Digital Art, 19.68″x35.43″

“I have a High School diploma section mathematics. Since my early years of high school, my passion for math and figurative compositions has led me to develop my art with the technique of embroidery. At first, I embroidered my jumpers with designs of my creation. Then, at the end of my schooling, I started producing geometric figures and experimented with the half cross­stitch technique, playing with vibrant color tones. Since 2010, I have been creating paintings with art and design computer programs. The knowledge of these software packages has allowed the creation of canvases with colors and shapes that were not possible with the half cross­stitch technique. The ability to use digital art tools enabled me to develop my art more and more.”

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