So you want to get your art into the world, well, that means YOU will need to take that leap too! Here are some effective marketing tips for artists Investing in marketing companies, and agents helps you to interact with the customers while elevating building your brand. Research shows statistically the following actions improve quality and quantity in creative business relations.

1. Create your portfolio.
While creating your portfolio, remember these tips;

It’s vital that your artwork is of the highest quality, and easy to access. Clients and marketing agents want digital folders that are easy to share.
Focus on your finest art. The goal of creating a portfolio is to impress and win customers. Your best work is your first selling point.
If a client or company has requested a portfolio, follow his/her requirements to the letter.

2. Build an Online Presence
Internet connectivity gives you a broader market base, and faster growth potential than the old localized way of marketing, integration of social media sites and websites enhances engagement with followers and customers.
Discover which organization creates the engagement with their audience that you seek. They represent your voice, not just your art.

3. Network
As an emerging artist, networking is one of the best ways to attract new fans, investors, and followers. It is important to note; networking events are not selling platforms but an opportunity to build relationships with the long-term aim of growing your customer base. Use the functions to make friends in different business sectors, sharing and collecting business cards.

Important networking tips;

Attend networking events that are relevant to your business (Art).
Pay attention and ask a lot of questions, not the moment to talk about your art-you’re here to learn, especially from art gurus.
Issue your business cards only when requested.
Participate in art auditions and exhibitions.
You must practice daily to grow your expertise. You must also market consistently and engage your fans and customers online.

Remember, business relationships equipped for success require healthy boundaries, transparency, authenticity, and respect. If it feels forced, move on. Your message is uniquely received by you, and you want a business relationship that will match your vision.



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