Arttour International Magazine Spring 2018

Best Of International Arts


John Nieman

“You Are Never Too Old” Watercolor, 28″x20″

“I have always enjoyed the confluence of art and words. Consequently, I often combine them in my work. I aim for a critical visual that is arresting, engaging, and perhaps even intriguing. Often, I will paint over a series of words. At other times, I caption the picture with a set of words at the bottom. The words are not intended as a description of the visual—simply a pithy editorial on the content. Lately, I have been experimenting with more significant works, such as huge wanted posters, and even larger windows which give the viewer a chance to witness some private behaviors vicariously. My visuals are relatively realistic with some loose strokes. In all of my work, I strive for work that has an immediate impact and provides a residual mental tickle.”

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