Maija Ylä-Sahra

“Lucca In My Mind” 31,5″X31,5″

Painter Maija YläSahra (born April 1960) lives and works in the Helsinki area in Finland. Earlier professions did not satisfy Maija’s thirst for creativity. She started art education in Helsinki in the year 2000, when her daughter was a teenager. From 2004 onwards, Maija has had many exhibitions in Finland and abroad. During her maternity leave, while living in Tuscany Italy, Maija started familiarizing herself with drawing and painting in private art lessons. Memorable exhibitions to her have been held in Cortona’s Castel Cirifalco in 2009 and at the Florence Biennale in 2011 in Italy. Maija has also worked as a gallerist and has influenced the Art Society for years in the Helsinki area. Maija has acted as jury in group exhibitions and has coordinated exhibitions. Her art is strong and colorful with a mix of symbolism and emotions. Her art is not typically Scandinavian, and she wants to reach a wider audience abroad. Now she is also a happy grandmother, and her art is influenced by love.

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